Thursday, February 1, 2018

Only so Many Hours

It's amazing that I find time to do any writing at all. The morning started with a free coffee and doughnut get together at the campground. My lovely wife and I got into a nice discussion with some people. All of us had to take the visit outside as the clean up crew was about to kick us out.

I called about snorkeling charters but all of them were shut down due to the weather conditions. The winds have been relentless. That's one reason why we did launch our kayak. No sense going out just to struggle against the wind.

Instead I decided to go for a long bike ride. Well, I hadn't planned on a long ride. It just happened. By the time it was over my legs felt like rubber. Peddling here can be deceiving. There are no hills, so I didn't think heading down the road was going to be a problem. Coming back the wind was against me the whole way. That made a difference. Of course, I'm an old fat guy so it will be a while before I'm in the condition I want to be in. There are truly ancient people who putter along further than I go. When a bike becomes your main mode of transportation, you get good at it.

After a late lunch I hopped in the pool for most of the afternoon. My days are full. I'm getting a lot more exercise this winter than last.

My lovely wife and I are leaving the Keys for a bit. While it's nice here, it's the most expensive place we stay. Our budget will benefit from seeing other parts of the state. We can always come back later in the winter.



  1. And it seems the older we get the faster time goes by. Continue to exercise and you'll be fit as a fiddle when it comes time to go home.

    1. I'm feeling better already. While I'm far from fit, I'm fitter.

  2. Replies
    1. That's what happens when the TV remote gets lost and you have to get up to change the channel.