Saturday, October 31, 2020

From green zone to red zone

Our local virus condition quickly went from green to red. A lot of cases can be traced back to the Federal prison. Kid’s sports was another problem. Then there was also a local restaurant that had issues. Currently the schools are shut for at least two weeks.

We used to have free travel into Vermont, but now that’s been changed. Of course, Canada is still off limits. I’m starting to feel a little closed in right now. Might as well hunker down for the duration.



  1. At least the cupboard is well stocked.

  2. Pretty much , all of the rural states ignored the mask and stay home recommendation. That thinking is biting them all in the ass right now too.
    Science , don't care about your silly superstitious beliefs. Yet it certainly will take advantage of ignorance and behavior which propagates a pathogen eh...

    1. People here got pretty lax, thinking our isolation would protect us. However, we have two prisons and a huge number of people now come out of the cities to play in the country.