Monday, November 23, 2020

Foolishness almost over

Now that the transition team has been allowed to do its work, Trump election denial should be soon coming to an end. If you don’t believe that, stop typing. You’ll just get deleted anyway, and I don’t delete too much.

So where do we go from here? We hunker down and mind our own business. We have plenty of business to mind too. The pandemic is getting worse by the day. Without Federal leadership we’ve been left with a patchwork response. Recently I watched a nearby city go through a big mask debate. In the end they came to a split decision to require masks. The next day the state of NH made a state wide mandate so the local debate was pretty much a waste of time.

Personally, I’ve decided to be cautious. There are few downsides for being super careful. It’s a bit of a drag not spending the holidays with family, but we’ll adapt. We are missing them this season so we can enjoy many more holidays in future years.

By the way, if you have any freezer space left, stock up on frozen turkeys. The price is right. It’s a huge value right now. My lovely wife and I will be roasting a large turkey for two of us. It’s just as easy to cook a large one than a small one and turkey leftovers are amazing.

People are panic buying toilet paper again. I saw someone leaving a Staples with a shopping cart absolutely overloaded with TP. I’m still pleased with my bidet investment.

If you can, it’s not a bad idea to round out any preps you are low on. We’ve been adding a few extras in every grocery order. One of my big concerns is getting through the cold northern winter. My heating oil tank is full and a one ton pallet of fiber blocks has been stacked up for the woodstove. The battery bank and solar election system has been serviced. In addition to my large solar election system there are three small solar generators running -backups for the backups.

Security is good. No need to go into details.

My advice, take it or leave it, is to remain calm and carry on.



  1. All this time i've been reading your blog, i never realized you were a liberal.

    1. I don't fit into categories very well. For example, I've too many guns for most liberals to feel comfortable about that. I never colored within the lines.

    2. That's funny , every since certain extremists made the term "Liberal" a derogatory name. The less than informed have placed anyone outside a certain party's box.
      Few of them realizing that the original founders were very much Liberals...

  2. Yeah , that COVID thing. Latest statistics here have 1 in 20 testing positive ! Of the ones they know about.
    Getting where I don't like going anywhere outside the fence.
    Even tho she doesn't like turkey, probably be a good protein investment. Lot more healthy than Long porks gonna be...
    You know my thoughts on the great white north and being able to survive the cold. It is not just this winter , that one is easy ! It is the successive years after grid failure that will tell the tale eh.
    Done broke the rules, have increased the chicken population to triple what the town ordinances allow...good thing I put the high fence in huh...
    Sweet potato crop is great this year.

    1. Remember too that FL stats are suspicious as hell. As much as I like running from the winter, FL is kinda crazy for me right now. Most of my tribe is up here and that's important.

      I can heat my house by gathering wood within walking distance using hand tools. I've done it before. There's also the option of shutting down two thirds of my house to limit heating area. Right now it's nice to have the room since we rarely go anywhere.

      Be careful while bending the law.

    2. No worries, most they'll do is tell me to get rid of the extras. Funny thing about that...they could care less about how many are in the freezer lol