Tuesday, October 26, 2021

North of Northeaster


Well, that big Northeaster storm blew in. Fortunately the bulk of it never made it over the White Mountains. We just had a day of mild rain and not even much wind. That’s fine with me.

I must admit I was worried when I got up to the sound of chainsaws. The first thing I did was to check to see if we still had grid power. That wasn’t a problem so I went outside to see what the fuss was all about. As it turns out it was the regular crew that the local power company uses to trim trees. They were catching up on regular maintenance.

Before storms I make sure the house batteries on my solar electric are topped off. Had the grid gone down it’s best to start at full power. Storms come with a lot of clouds so the solar panels don’t do much until it passes. With that in mind energy intensive jobs like laundry and dishes get done ahead of time.

While normal precautions were taken, it’s just as well not to need them.



  1. That's what precautions are for - not needing them. My car battery went flat yesterday, my partner was at work and the neighbours nowhere close. Battery charger lost to another neighbour - a long story in itself! I found a gennie with 12V output and trickled the car battery back to life. Got moving 2 hours late, but hey, I got moving.

    1. Backups for your backups. I once had to charge a car battery at a primitive campsite using a small solar panel. It worked. Took a bit, but it worked.