Sunday, October 24, 2021

Red Zone


It’s been a while since I posted. Frankly, not all that much to write about. Northern New Hampshire is a virus red zone right now. The local hospital is maxed out. Even Walmart had to close for a while because too many of its workers were sick. I’m not taking any chances because I suffered enough lung damage when I was a firefighter. Because of that I’ve been sticking close to home or doing activities far from people.

For what it’s worth plenty of vaccinated local people have caught covid. However, they aren’t the ones in hospital beds or dying. That’s what I know from the local doctors. Personally, I don’t want to be even a little sick so I’m channeling my inner hermit.

Until recently we had an unusually mild fall. My lovely wife and I didn’t pull the sailboat off the lake until last Wednesday. Today it’s supposed to snow. What a difference a few days can make.

The weather was so warm that I didn’t go hunting much as my hunting clothes is all cold weather stuff. I should be able to get back in the woods this week.

I’m also looking forward to catching up on some handgun practice. One of my favorite handguns is my Ruger P-89 in 9mm. Old man Ruger required that it be able to function with just about any brand and type of ammo. That’s been really handy when there are shortages. I know of $4,000 handguns that can only function properly with a specific cartridge.

By now everyone has heard about supply line issues. We are at the end of the line during the best of times. Now you never know what will be missing. This week it was butter and frozen pizzas. Go figure. Good thing I make a mean pizza from scratch. If there’s no butter next week I can always open a big can of dehydrated butter. It’s surprisingly tasty. Too bad they’ve doubled in price since I stocked up. Glad I got mine when I did.

Should be an interesting winter.



  1. Picked 36 bags of Mtn. House Biscuits and Gravy for $3 each the other day. Scored fifteen #10 cans from my mom's stash while I was back there a couple weeks ago. My siblings were too yuppie , to want any of that old prepper stuff. They were dated 2016 LOL ! Told them they'd be wise to stash the other 45 cans I left , somewhere...

    1. Good score on the Mountain House.

      I assume you must still be forted up for the duration.

    2. Yeah , except for my drive clear across the heartland lol. Was an experience to say the least. One could understand why covid is still running rampant tho.

    3. I bet. My niece just moved out and now lives in CA. She flew out so at least it was quick.

      I thought we might have to go to TX when my father-in- law went into surgery. However, the old guy is doing just fine so we don't have to make an emergency trip.

  2. Well I am sure glad you are back posting a bit. I went to the market last week and shelves were full again. A few things missing but not important to me. I have all I need for another month or two.I have a dog named Luger and a rotty named Tazer. The rotty was so sweet.Luger not so much he is an Italian Mastiff. Not a real nice boy. He loves dad and the kids but tolerates me.

    1. It helps when you are flexible and know how to cook. Too many people live on prepared foods that can microwaved.

      Good to have some extra protection around the house. Be well.