Thursday, October 28, 2021

Spuds and Machine Parts

My cousin is helping a local farmer finish up the growing season. Thanks to them I scored a good amount of potatoes to get me though the winter. Spuds have loads of nutrition and last a long time if stored in a cool dry place. Squash is another food that lasts with no preparation than keeping them in a good place. It’s old school prepper foods. That’s pretty much how they used to get though the winters back in the day.

Any potatoes left in the spring can go back in the ground to start the cycle all over again. You can also save those squash seeds.

The supply chain problems are affecting farms too. If something breaks on farm equipment the odds are good that parts won’t be available. Local farmers are sharing parts to get through the season. To make it all happen those poor guys are working day and night.

Should be an interesting winter.



  1. On my trip out west. I picked up a hundred pound sack of spuds. Honest to God, some of those Idaho bakers were like five pound potatoes !
    Also picked up a box of old school Jonathan apples. They are all in mason jars now , waiting to be pie , in future...
    Another score was the old wincharger generator from grand dad's cabin.

    1. I joked that some of the chef's specials were large enough we could hollow them out and put a candle in them for Halloween.

      Jonathans sound good. I've been hard pressed to find decent Cortlands this year.

      That generator could come in handy.