Thursday, February 29, 2024

Salamander on snow


This photo was taken a couple of days ago. 

Two friends, who wish to remain anonymous, took this photo while hiking in northern New Hampshire. 

I’ve never seen a spotted salamander in the snow. That ain’t right. Our unusually warm spell is messing up the natural cycles. 

Last year we had a warmer than normal spring but it was followed by a May frost. There was a lot of tree damage, especially fruit trees. A lot of orchards took a hit. Usually I enjoy eating wild pin cherries that grow on my land. They all turned black and I didn’t get to eat any. That’s an annoyance for me, but a big hit for the birds that normally feast on them. 

We could be looking at a bad growing season. Interesting times. 



  1. Interesting times indeed. I wonder if we have the reserves of food that used to carry us over odd springs of the past.

    I've been watching my apple trees for budding, so far not yet. Have old sheets to protect them from minor freezes.

    1. Worse comes to worse we'll be down to bugs and tree bark. Dang.