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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another screw up

Figured out Social Security screwed up and paid my wife more money than she was supposed to get. The government was supposed to pay the lawyer directly and then give us the rest. Looks like we'll have to cut a check to the lawyer. The paperwork finally came in and I was able to do the math. My lovely wife contacted the lawyer and confirmed she hadn't been paid.

The lawyer did good work and I want to make sure she gets what's coming to her. Sure, she takes a cut, but before we got her, my wife had 100% of nothing.

Glad I didn't spend it all. It does cause us to rearrange our priorities. Looks like we'll put off getting a second car. The sailboat, however, is still in the works. I love my wife, and her sense of priorities. The cost of the sailboat will be me having to drive her around a bit more than otherwise. I can live with it.

Another bright spot of news is that my truck's bad starter was still on warranty. Only had to pay for labor. Serious savings there. My mechanic knows I only have one vehicle so he fixed it the day it came in. It pays to have a guy you can trust and deal fairly with.



  1. Good deal with the starter.
    I have a suggestion for you, I don't know how viable it is where you are at. I have a couple of buddies that go to tow yard auctions all the time and I went with them last weekend. I see they can be a cliqueish bunch but they are open to the public.
    All you have to do is show some ID and register to be able to bid.
    There is a lot of junk but also a fair amount of runners and drivers from DUI arrests and such.
    I saw a perfect 95 Saturn go for 3 and a half and an immaculate 95 Lincoln MK 7 go for 3 and a quarter. That's hundred, not thousand.
    Both start up and drive away cars.
    Just something to think about.
    They usually have these auctions once a month and can be found either in the classifieds or on line with some searching.

  2. Good advice. I am picky about what I buy. It has to be a diesel that can be converted to run on veggie oil. After all these years running waste veggie, I'm not about to start buying gas.

    I don't so much shop for cars as engines.