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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I don't do surveys

With the political silly season coming to a head, both major parties are making a big push. It's a rare day when the phone doesn't ring and it's a political survey. These days I just say, "I don't do surveys," and that's the end of it.

I used to lie and give the strangest answers. While that was fun for a while, the game wore thin. Now my time talking to pollsters is extremely brief. The time saved is pieces of my life I've taken back.

They do send an awful lot of political ads through the mail. I will miss that. Most days there's enough political paper trash in the mail for me to light my woodstove. The kitchen woodstove is the best place to sort the mail.

We even had a campaign worker come by. Poor man was pretty lost. He knew he wasn't at the right place, but seeing an occupied house, he stopped in for directions. His GPS unit had him about a mile off course. I was able to tell him the people he was looking for aren't around. They are only up here in the woods on a seasonal basis. The political races have got to be desperate for those guys to come all the way out here. Not my problem.



  1. Actually, I like surveys. Even if it is only temporary, they are the only time that the political class listens to people like you and me. I don't kid myself that they will actually change because of the survey, but you never know. Clinton changed his policies several times based on surveys and god forgive me for saying it, he was a better president than either of the Bushs and light years better than Obama.

  2. With caller IDs and answering machings, I only take the calls I want to take and then, sometimes not at all. I put the phone in for my convenience. I can always call someone back, if it is important.

  3. The government ignores public opinion, unless it jibes with their agenda. I don't waste my time with polls or surveys...