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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sailboat shopping

My lovely wife and I have been sailboat shopping. Did tons of research. Read books, talked to salty folk, did on-line research.

Now we are finally actually checking out boats in person. Meeting some interesting people and seeing some interesting boats.

Saturday we are doing a whirlwind shopping trip through Maine. We are prepared to buy a boat and haul it away. I wired the truck for trailer lights, have a couple sizes of trailer balls, and it's ready towing. Going to the bank to take out a wad of cash. It's amazing how cash can sometimes seal the deal.

The most important thing we did was to hammer out what we want from a sailboat. The wife and I had some long talks about the type of sailing we'd like to do. We are going with a used boat. There are some great deals out there.

Having a lot of fun with this.



  1. Never tell ANYONE you just took a wad of cash out of the bank! And as a side note, don't meet a "seller" in any out of the way non-public locations! especially if you answer an ad on craigslist. Good luck and dammit be careful!
    David III

  2. Happy hunting! I've got my eye on a nice Catalina 22 myself, for a whopping $2500. But then again, there's the 18 Bayhawk with new deck and gelcoat, and a 90 horse Johnson. Fishing or sailing. Fishing or sailing. Hmmmm..... Heh, gotta sell the house first!

  3. Boat prices have taken a dive. Missed out on a well equipped Oday 23 will all the bells and whistles with trailer for $1600. I was second in line to see it and the first guy snagged it quick.