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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rogue Electrician and Guerrilla Plumber

Got home late the other night and checked the answering machine. Two different people had left messages asking me about electrical problems. I guess I'm the guy you call if you can't afford a licensed professional. One question was an off-grid problem, so your average house electrician might have done a head scratch for a bit.

Recently my daughter called me up with a plumbing problem. She had the bathroom sink half apart and was stuck. First of all, I think it's cool that I have daughters who are not afraid of tools. She only called me when she got into a type of fixture she hadn't seen before. She took pictures on her cell phone and e-mailed them to me. I was able to figure out what to do.

I'll be doing some plumbing at a friend's soon. Lots of nonstandard issues there, so it'll be fun and interesting.

As much as I enjoy doing plumbing and electrical work, I'd never bother to get a license. Then I'd have to do it all the time and it'd no longer be interesting. Much rather work for barter and good Karma.



  1. Sixbears,being a long time apt maint man,I too get a lot of those calls.Usually gratis,I hope karma is watching!Last weekend Sis needed locks keyed,this week nices water heater was singing their eye brows,this weekend Sons rental has pipe broke under floor no crawl space so cutting flooring for access.Really don't mind helping folks but it sure cuts in to a guys prep,cleaning,auto repair hobby time etc,huh?


  2. Sometimes in cuts into my goofing off. I hate that.

  3. Yeah, I'm the neighborhood "uncertified" marine mechanic. Just got done troubleshooting my neighbor's jack plate, a corroded inline fuse holder was the culprit. Twisted the wires together and taped them so he could get back out after the big school of redfish he was on. A cold beer and a few fillets are my payment.

  4. I recently purchased my first home was originally daunted by the prospect of maintenance. But with few choices for professional help in my rural location and a desire to develop a personal resilience I have undertaken several electrical modifications and most recently the plumbing of a home made, low tech solar water heating system. I must say it is very liberating and a huge boost to self confidence.