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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The rather not think about it crowd

I was talking to one of my cousins the other day. He's very aware that things are unraveling. In fact, he was one of those poor fools caught up in the whole real estate refinance trap. The poor guy just barely kept a roof over his head.

He is aware of some of the major collapse threats, but has done nothing to prepare. His wife doesn't want to think about it or talk about it. Since she's not on-board at all, they aren't going to spend any of their few dollars on preps.

She says she knows bad things can happen, but doesn't believe there's anything she can do about it.

"We'll all be dead anyway," she said.

Where have I heard that before, I thought? Ah yes, the cold war. Nuclear war was going to kill everyone so there was nothing we could do about it. Even as a kid, with a minimum of research, I discovered that wasn't true. Not everyone would die -not right off anyway. Some would die in the blast, but more would die later of radiation sickness, and societal collapse. There's a lot that a person could do for the later two problems. In fact by avoiding living near military targets, they could reduce the danger of blast death by quite a bit.

There's plenty that can be done about any number of potential disasters. Having safe food, water, and shelter can greatly increase your survival chances over a wide range of disasters. There's only problem; you actually have to think about it and have a plan. The most important thing needed for survival is a survival mindset. My cousin's wife just gave up her most important asset for troubled times. Since she doesn't want to talk about it, my cousin doesn't want to think about it.

That doesn't keep him from worrying though. I bet that if he had a couple months food storage and some water, he'd sleep better.



  1. One can of Spam can be worth more than a thousand pounds of Gold.

  2. A couple guns, a bunch of food, water filtration, heirloom seed, my "escape pod"... I sleep pretty good. Better knowing I've got two places in the sticks to bug out to...

  3. But would he be sleeping better on the couch?

    I've been on the edge of ruin myself, and if I spent a month's mortgage payment on guns, ammo and MRE's, then I'd best hope I'd bought a tent to live in, and probably some body armor because the wife's a decent shot.

  4. I know way too many people in the same situation with the same attitude and these are the people I fear most because when they need food and water they will be at my front door and if hungry and desperate enough it could be a real messy situation. Just 30 days worth of food stocks and a water filter are cheap especially when storing bulk dry foods. There’s really no excuse not to have minimal prep’s on hand to be able to take care of yourself for just one month.

    I live in hurricanes country and I prep because we must leave when one comes (I have a small motor home ‘escape pod’ as Mayberry calls them) because there’s a good chance of going under water. The day the evacuation order is given the unprepared people swarm the supermarkets and gas stations. In one day the shelves are emptied of edible and drinkable items and the gas stations are out of gas.