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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another aspect of tribal life

Surviving alone, while possible, is darn tough. Humans are social people. We evolved living in small tribal groups. A lot of preppers have caught on to the need for community for survival. While that’s true, there are other things that can learned from tribal groups.

One neglected item is the need for people to leave their tribal group for a period of time. Let’s face it, even the most easy going people can get on each other’s nerves.

Tribal peoples developed a number of solutions. Sometimes day to day survival needs provided the separation. Hunting parties would leave for days at a time. Other groups would make special journeys to gather plants in season or materials needed by their culture. Some groups would send parties out to trade. Often people would leave the tribe on vision quests or other spiritual journeys.

Some African tribes would split the tribe into two or three different groups for periods of time. Sometimes it’s because there wasn’t enough resources, like during a drought. The group would spread out during lean times and gather back together during the good times.

When groups got back together again, it was usually a time for celebration. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Old hurts are forgotten and the good things about people are remembered. The different groups have experienced different things. They have something new to talk about. It keeps everyone sane.

On a personal level, my lovely wife and I will soon be wandering back to our tribe. It sure will be nice to see everyone again.



  1. Give us a shout when you gte close. We'll kill some fatted tofu.

  2. I'm eating Paleo now -meat and veggies. I've lost weight and feel great. Thanks for the invite.

  3. I feel the desire to visit friends and relatives in Pennsylvania more now that I live in Texas than I did when I lived in Pennsylvania. When living close, I figured I could go see them anytime I wanted to, but rarely did. Now that I am far away, I make it a point to visit them anytime I can.