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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Greeks lead the way

Barter and alternative currencies are taking off in Greece.

When currencies and economies fail, people are finding ways to succeed. It makes sense. Just because some abstract medium of exchange fails, that doesn’t mean people and communities have to fail. People still have goods and services to exchange. They can do that directly or use some alternative currency. It doesn’t really matter what they use, as long as enough people use the same thing.

Bitcoin has potential.

Now I know somethings have to be paid for in the coin of the realm. It’s been a long time since property taxes were paid in turnips. Fine. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. The beauty of these alternative exchange systems is that it’s not all or nothing. They can be phased in over time covering more and more of people’s needs.

Greeks are discovering the new barter systems do more than exchange goods and services, they build community. Anything that eases a tough time in Greece is a positive. Make no mistake about it, times are tough over there.

Pay attention to how the Greeks deal with the economic turmoil -over there may be coming over here all too soon.