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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good old boys auto repair

Slow going on the trip back home. After spending the night in N. Carolina, we headed out, but didn't get far. The truck was behaving odd again. It would suddenly shift from side to side -not good.

Pulled into the NAPA repair shop in Lumberton. The guys found a broken bracket that allowed the front axle to shift from side to side. They were able to weld it up and get me back on the road. Nice guys who know their stuff.

Due to our late start, we only made it as far as W. Virgina. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we should make it to my daughter's in MA.

We are tired, but Okay. Got the last room in town that allows dogs.



  1. Lumberton never seems to catch a break. Like a lot of blue collar type places, it always seems to catch the worst of the boom and bust cycles.

  2. It is rare to find an auto repair shop that actually repairs the broken part rather than replace it, lucky you!
    I wish I'd paid more attention as maybe we could have had lunch while you were in St. Augustine as its only 45 minutes from my place. Maybe next trip!
    Continue having a safe trip.

  3. russell: I felt at home there. Reminds me of the dying blue collar town I grew up in. Good people.

    Mike: Maybe next time.

  4. So glad it wasn't worse, it sure could have caused an accident. Keep safe, don't get in a hurry. You will be home soon.

  5. Damn nice guy's to weld that up for ya, incredibly rare these days.
    That's akin to hitting a small lottery.

  6. I've had similar experiences twice. One involved a hitch with a broken weld fixed up by some damn good fellers in SW Virginia. The second was a castle nut coming off the pitman arm and leaving me with no steering (damn repair shop didn't put in a cotter pin!!!), and a nice feller took me to his house in Mississippi, gave me a new nut from his parts bin, and a cotter pin. Both saved my butt and allowed me to continue my trips...

  7. That repair shop deserves national attention. Maybe a few others would get the message. We may need some work on our car so we're asking for references from nearly everyone we encounter. Happy trails.