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Monday, April 16, 2012

Things that embarrass the United States

The Secret Service gets caught “stiffing” a prostitute in Columbia. It’s described as a “Tremendous embarrassment to the USA.”


Yeah, it’s a bit of an embarrassment that they didn’t pay a worker her wages. As a US citizen, I feel no embarrassment at all.

I’m full up with embarrassment. I’m embarrassed by our politicians. Our health system is shameful. The level of economic disparity in our country is an embarrassment. The fact that the TSA has a bigger budget than NASA is another one. We claim to be the land of the free yet lock up more people than anyone else; that’s embarrassing.

Anyone who’s surprised with governmental scandal has very little contact with the government. It’s the purest example of the Peter Principal at work: people rising to their level of incompetence.

If the government would lock up some of the criminals on Wall Street, I’d feel that maybe it was my government. Right now, I can’t feel that much for a government that acts more like a tyranny than a representative republic.

The SS got embarrassed . . . good.

More departments need to be shamed in public.



  1. I'm embarrassed the right-wing prudes and repressed conservative homosexuals have conspired to make Sex so dirty and so wrong that these Secret Service officers would need to be in a different country in order to get sex.

  2. If the government would lock up the criminals on Wall Street, a whole bunch of government would be locked up as well...