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Friday, April 27, 2012

What the mechanic said and a break between showers

My ambulance/motor home has been at my mechanic’s place in town. Here’s the deal. I dropped it off without an appointment. If he got a bit of time between jobs, he’d take a look at it and get it fixed up to pass state inspection. I trust him to only fix what had to be fixed. The guy has always done right by me.

I knew the vehicle needed tires, so I planned to spend at few bucks on that. One tire was really badly worn and I suspected something like a bad ball joint. The mechanic went through everything: ball joints, brakes, rotors -the works. He said everything was in remarkably good shape. The vehicle had been well maintained. My regular guy doesn’t have alignment equipment, so that will be checked out at another place. It’s not that expensive to get done. Maybe the bad tire wear is the result of adrenaline fueled white knuckle driving while someone codes in the back.

My lovely wife and I made it back home by the early afternoon. The rain had stopped for a few hours, so we took a chance and went sailing. About the time my granddaughter had enough, we saw the storm clouds moving in. Building storm winds moved us right along and we got back to our beach before the rain hit.

Good news from the garage and a bit of sailing. Not a bad day at all.



  1. What design, size, rig of yacht do you have and where do you sail?

  2. yacht is stretching it. I've got a 19 foot Oday. Last winter we sailed in the Gulf of Mexico -west coast of FLorida. Home in NH, I live on a lake. Also trailer it to different bodies of water. Last summer we went to Lake Champlain.

  3. Sixbears,I am glad life is going your way! Enjoy!


  4. I, too, am glad the ambulance is working out better than you expected. Don't you enjoy some good news for a change?

  5. Once in a while life is unfair . . . to my advantage.