Sunday, January 3, 2010


Apparently I don't live in the US anymore. Best I can tell I live in a little country called Coosistan. ("stan," like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. pretty much just means country. So it's something like country of the Afghans and so on.) Coos comes from Coos County New Hampshire. Coosistan is for us dwellers of Coos County.

Always thought Coos was part of the US of A. When the border patrol sets up road blocks on Rt. 93 well south of the Canadian border I can only assume they are protecting the US/Coosistan border.

Every time the border patrol stops me I get boiling mad. It's like something out of Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia. A free country does not have internal checkpoints. They just don't.

I joke about Coosistan, but back in colonial times, NH had a break away republic. In fact it wasn't very far from where I live now. In northern Coos County there was a settlement around the Indian Stream. Tax collectors from both Canada and the US would descend on the place to collect taxes. In frustration, they threw everybody out and formed the Republic of Indian Stream. (1832 - 1835)

I do take some comfort that we threw the bastards out once and could always do it again.

Maybe I'm not completely joking about Coosistan.



  1. Coosistan, Now we've got to start a new language and hope that we're protected from the hoard in the north.

  2. We already have our own dialect. Another reader e-mailed me from KY and said we need a flag. He's right.