Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A modest proposal

More and more airports are installing full body scanners. This is supposed to reduce the risk of a terrorist smuggling something dangerous on an airplane. You know, something like nail clippers or shampoo.

While it's true the scanners basically display your naked body, it is for your safety. If you cover up your dangling unmentionables, the terrorists win.

Now there may some resistance to being electronically stripped naked. The best way to deal with that would be to have all TSA inspectors work buck naked. After all, fair is fair.

In fact, why bother with those expensive scanners at all? Might as well just require everyone in an airport to be naked. The money saved by not buying expensive equipment could be passed on to the passengers. There would be no worries about being exposed to X-rays or other invasive radiation. It'd be a huge win all around.

As for me, I'll be driving.


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