Monday, January 11, 2010

The heating situation

Quick update. My furnace had been shut off since Friday night. This past weekend temperatures got down as far a -19F. It was a real test of the woodstove. Now I've been burning wood all winter, but had oil backup. The oil furnace would come on in the early morning for a few hours. Then I'd light the woodstove and the oil furnace would shut down for the day.

Saturday night I slept deep and long. Woke up to a very cold house. It was -19 outside and 44 inside. Took most of the day Sunday to get the house to a comfortable level. My firewood wasn't as dry as it could be so the stove didn't put out as much heat as it should. Still, the house was livable and nothing froze up. It did take most of the day to warm the downstairs to shirt sleeve comfortable. The upstairs never got over 50.

Monday morning my furnace guy showed up. He was able to fix the problem for small money.

It's nice to know that the woodstove will keep the place livable -even in very cold conditions. Nothing like a real world test.


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