Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

In no particular order.

Go fishing more:

There is no excuse for me not to fish. I'm 350 feet from a small lake. I've fishing poles, tackle, and small boats. Heck, I've even got ice fishing traps. I like to fish. I like to cook fish. I like to eat fish. Have you seen the price of fresh fresh lately? I need to fish.

Drink more alcohol:

A glass of red wine everyday is supposed to be good for you. Why don't I do something good for me? Is it because even horrible box wine gets pricey if you drink it everyday? Yeah, that's probably it. So I guess I'll have to practice the vintner's art. Only way to drink decent wine at a good price. Not that I'm real fussy about wine.

Unlike beer. I had the misfortune to develop a taste for good beer. I can brew good beer. I should brew more beer. According to Ben Franklin God gave us beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy. Who am I to argue with old Ben? Who am I to argue with God?

Speaking about things that make me happy, I sure do love a good single malt scotch. There is no way to make your own scotch -unless you live in Scotland. Now NH has some of the lowest priced liquor in this country as they tax it less. The price of booze is mostly tax. In Scotland they tax it before it even gets to a bottle. At every step along the way that wonderful water of life is taxed. It makes me sad. It's a crime against the happiness of all mankind.

Only thing to do is to brew more wine and beer so that I can occasionally purchase a good bottle of scotch.

Get my darn passport:

I've got to admit to myself that the days of crossing the border into Canada with a nod and a wave are over.

Spend more time on the archery range:

Sent quite a few arrows downrange at one time. My lovely wife and I would even travel to Maine to shoot with friends once a week -I with my bow, she with her crossbow. Then I pulled a muscle in back that took six months of physical therapy to get somewhere close to normal. My wife has had two shoulder surgeries. So between the two of us, we just got out of the habit. However, my back's fine. Her shoulder's on the mend. I've even got a decent enough archery range. It's time to practice the silent killing arts once again.

Build that greenhouse I've always wanted:

Well maybe not that greenhouse, the one with all the bells and whistles. Maybe build a good enough greenhouse using mostly materials at hand. Food ain't getting anymore plentiful or cheap.

Publish a book or two:

I've got a couple of the darn things mostly written. Writing's fun. Editing and publishing -not so much.

Improve my foreign language skills:

Should not be hard, considering my current state of confusion. I know some French -enough to know when I've been insulted, order food, and find my way around. I read it better than I speak it. I've a little bit of Mandarin. One winter it seemed like a fun thing for the lovely wife and I to learn Chinese. With the benefit of language Cd's and cheesy Kung Fu movies we learned a few things. We had a lot of laughs making funny noises. Learning a new language is supposed to be good for the brain. Lord knows my brain needs something good done for it.

Start building something Interesting:

Kayak, sailboat, electric car, ultralight aircraft -something. Will have to see what the budget is like at the start of the building season. Since I do most of projects outside, the snow has to melt off the ground before I start. Hmmmmm, maybe what I should build is a garage. It'd have to be an interesting garage.

Improve my guitar playing:

Played a bit when I was 13. Dropped it and the years went by. A little over a year ago I picked it up again. I've few illusions about ever getting really good. No matter, it's fun to strum by the campfire. The little kids seem to like it. My wife thinks I'm hot when I have a guitar in my hands.

Live more like a free and wild human:

Freedom doesn't come from laws, constitutions, judges, politicians, soldiers, or police. Freedom comes from the heart. It's a natural condition. It's a state of mind and being that must be won one person at a time.

That's a few random resolutions. Notice I don't have go on a diet, get in shape, and lose weight? Figure I'll be so active that I'll get in shape as a side effect.

Happy New Year!


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