Friday, June 25, 2010

Belief in Main Stream Media

My lovely wife recently had a long phone conversation with an old friend. They became friends years ago when hey both worked at the same place. Later, after a divorce, this friend moved back to be near her extended family in VT. They see each other a couple times each year and occasionally have long phone conversations.

After my wife got off the phone, she just could not believe the things her friend was saying. Her and her extended family get what little news they watch from main stream media.

Here's what that'll do for you:

The situation in the Gulf is under control.

BP is sucking up most of the oil and the leak will soon be fixed.

There are clean up crews on the beaches so they'll be fine.

Fishing might be a problem for a while but since I don't eat fish, so I don't have to worry.

The price of gas will not go up.

The price of food will stay about the same.

The economy is in full recovery and this thing in the Gulf of Mexico won't affect it.

Now if someone gets any news from outside of the main stream, they'll soon have cause to doubt any or all of the above beliefs, Beliefs are what they are, pretty much divorced from facts on the ground. Heck, even catching the occasional NPR radio news program should give one pause. There's a sizable percentage of people who want to believe everything is fine.

The sad thing is they are acting on those beliefs. My wife's friend's father recently died after a long illness. The one good thing he did was have decent life insurance. He left instructions on how the money should be used to help secure the financial well being of his widow, children and grandchildren. He must be rolling in his grave right now. Most of the money has already been spent in a huge house renovation project. My wife asked if some money was being saved for later. Oh no need of that, the friend said, my mother will be able to live on Social Security.

Those who listen to MSM and believe live a simple life, free of the cares and worries the rest of us have to deal with. The only downside is that occasionally they are overwhelmed by things they never saw coming.

Then they blame it on bad luck.


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