Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Body Maintenance

Injuries accumulate over time. During the course of an interesting active life, it's pretty much inevitable.

Sometimes old injuries come back to haunt you as mine have done lately. Oh, I've been ignoring the aches and pains for some time now, but can't do it any longer. When you start to refer to ibuprofen as "Vitamin I," it's time to do something.

Years ago I wrenched the heck out of my back. Most injuries heal on their own, given time. After several months of ever increasing pain, I went to see a doctor for a physical therapy reference. I knew exactly which PT clinic I wanted to go to. They'd done wonders for my wife.
Soon I began to refer to my therapist as "The Prince of Pain." Reggie knew what he was doing. Between his regular ministrations and the exercises, I was able to avoid surgery. The pain went away. Function returned. Only when I'd overwork myself would a low burning pain remind me to ease up a bit.

Lately that pain has become pretty much constant. As much as I hate a regular exercise program, I'm back at it. After the first workout, I felt as good as if I'd taken some Vitamin I. That's pretty good reinforcement to keep up with it. Now I knew I wasn't as flexible as I once was, but I didn't know I'd let things get as bad as it did.

While I'm at it, I'll return to practicing Tai Chi. A martial arts instructor did wonders for me years ago. It's time to return to the things he taught me, before other old injuries come back to haunt me.

For some time I've been telling myself I'm too busy to bother with my exercises. Well, I don't have the time to be injured either.


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