Sunday, June 6, 2010

Really sick of the lies

I'm really sick of all the lies BP is telling us.

Before the disaster, they lied about being able to safely drill in the Gulf.

They lied about being able and ready to contain and fix any problems.

BP keeps lying about what really happened before the explosion. Surviving oil workers were keep in seclusion and pressured to sign waivers. The company does not want the truth to get out.

They lie about being able to fix the problem.

The oil company is doing everything it can to keep the truth about dead animals and birds secret. They've done everything in their power to prevent photos of the death getting out.

I suspect that even their use of deep water dispersants is part of the lie. The dispersants keep the oil from reaching the surface where it can easily be seen. Never mind that the chemicals used are even more toxic than the oil. It's not about saving life but about protecting the corporate image.

No independent assessment of the leaks are allowed. No independent experts are allowed near the disaster.

The government has assisted in these lies. They certainly haven't taken any steps to bring the truth to light. Oh sure, there's some talk about a criminal investigation. Remember how the investigation of AIG went? No? That's because nothing real happened. Expect more smoke and mirrors.

It sickens me to see the Coast Guard helping BP hid the truth. It's a horrible misuse of a first rate organization.

The government isn't protecting the people, it's protecting a big corporation. Business as usual. We have the best government money can buy.

My message here is that I don't believe the lies. I know I'm being lied to. I know how it's done. It makes me sick. The PR isn't working. As the oil makes its way throughout the Gulf, then enters the Atlantic, the truth will be too big for the lies.

Of course the parties involved are going to lie. Criminals always lie. Make no mistake about it, this is a crime. It's perhaps the biggest environmental disaster in US history. What's the punishment for causing all this death? Will the government wake up and stop hiding the criminals, or will it continue to act in a criminal manner itself?

When the people wake up, there will be hell to pay. BP is toast. Too bad for the investors, but they've been profiting from this criminal enterprise for years. The heck with them.

The only question remaining is whether or not the government will begin to serve the people? Will they let the truth out? Seems to me they should have distanced themselves from BP's lies long before now.

It's not to late for the government to demand the truth, but the clock is running.


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