Monday, October 4, 2010

Ain't goin Nowhere.

Sunday I started the truck and took a quick into town. Being around 30 degrees, the old diesel had a bit of a hard time starting, but it did turn over. A couple hours later, it wouldn't start at all.

The big 7.3 diesel has two big starting batteries. Popping the hood revealed one of the two batteries had become disconnected. No problem, I thought. One of them came loose on our crappy roads. Just a matter of reconnecting the battery. Cleaned all the terminals, connected the batteries, and still the truck would not start.

Put a battery tester on them and found them to be a bit low. My large battery charger is out on loan, so all I have is a little 6 amp charger. It's small, but it does work, eventually. Charged the batteries most of the day. Still won't start the truck.

My best guess at this point is that the starter has crapped out once more. The old Ford F250 eats starter motors. The fact that a battery terminal was loose may not have been the real problem. Could just a coincidence. It may be I've been starting the truck on just one battery for some time now. One battery, if it's not too cold, will turn the engine over.

First thing Monday morning I'm calling the garage to see if they can squeeze me in. Maybe the starter is still on warranty from the last time it was replaced. Good thing I have AAA to do the tow.

It's times like these I really miss having a backup vehicle. I'm too cheap to buy one right now. Rather use my money for other things. I've got to balance the inconvenience of not having a second vehicle with the inconvenience of paying for a second car.

I had plans, but maybe I'll have to stay home. At least I can finally pile up my firewood.



  1. Did you do an actual battery load test? And how old are they? Batteries around here are on borrowed time after 3 years, 4 for good batteries like Interstate...

  2. I've top notch Interstate batteries about 10 months old.

    Problem was the starter motor. Mechanic treated me right. It was still on warranty. Just cost me labor. Guy squeezed me into his busy schedule.

    I change batteries every two years. Winter is hard on 'em. Down where you are, I bet the heat is what shortens their life.