Friday, October 15, 2010

Dodged a bullet

Almost had to get a real job. Now I know I won't get a whole lot of sympathy for this, but what the heck.

We were falling behind on the property taxes and it was starting to concern me. Trust me, if you don't pay your taxes, they will take your property. Years ago I came up with the money to avoid a tax auction -by less than 2 weeks. Did not want to let things get out of hand again. Pure luck that I was able to pay them off last time.

I have picked a few little jobs here and there, but mostly for cash. Lately I've been working in the gift economy. I do someone a favor and they give me a dozen eggs. Actually prefer the gift economy, but my local tax collector is stuck on this money stuff.

Years ago I picked up a couple of degrees. One of them is in journalism, of all things. The local bird cage liner is desperate for a new reporter. Desperate enough, perhaps, to actually hire a 52 year old man. Really dreaded the prospect, but the taxes had to be paid. Working for a small paper consists of going to a lot of boring meetings: city council, water board, planning commission, public works hearings, and so on. Then there are things like the 5th grade spelling bee contests. I'd actually prefer those to the meetings. The last thing that moves papers is the sports section. Everyone loves to follow the local teams -except me that is. No interest in sports at all.

Forget about reporting about anything that would cause an advertiser to pull ads. Not a good career move.

Fortunately for me, my lovely wife got her back pay and we were able to pay off the taxes and some other debt. My life outside out of the mainstream economy continues. Would have really hated to fit a job in my busy schedule.



  1. Glad you dodged the bullet. Yep, the .govs insist we pay our rental fee on our own property. That's why I am going to rent for a while. What difference does it make if I make payments to a bank and the government, or just to the property "owner"? Equity shmequity, after 10 years of home "ownership", my equity has evaporated. In a few more years, I'd probably be upside-down like all those being foreclosed on nowadays...

  2. How dare they try to fund road maintenance and Fire departments? The bastards.