Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nuts and bolts of the matter

It's great to have a good selection of tools. Problem is, tools aren't any good unless you have the stuff that goes with them. I like to keep a good selection of screws, nails, adhesives, tapes, nuts and bolts -the stuff that's used to stick stuff together.

At one time I also had a small selection of welding supplies, but I gave it all away, along with the welder. Welding fumes bothered my damaged lungs. Now when I need something welded, I bring the project to the guy I gave my stuff to.

All those little odds and ends can get expensive. Unless you've got money to burn, don't try and stock up all at once. Over the years, when I need something like screws for a project, I buy a much bigger box than what I need. Items are cheaper when purchased in bulk. I'm assured of having enough for my project. Left over items are available for repairs and new projects without another trip to the hardware store.

My stocks of some items have taken a bit of a hit. Just like food storage, you draw down stock in times of need. Now I'm rebuilding my supply.

One item that has been totally cleaned out is my epoxy supply. I like to get mine comes from marine supply companies. Used to buy it in large enough quantities to qualify for a boat builder's discount. Kept a good selection of thickeners, additives, fiberglass cloth, mat and tape. It's not just for boat repair, though I do plenty of that. Also good for vehicle repair and a lot of miscellaneous house projects. Repairs ranged from fixing a boat that was smashed in half, to attaching the handle on my granddaughter's favorite cup.



  1. Yep fasteners are important as the handtools.

  2. My father-in-law fastened baby food jar lids to a 2x4 near the ceiling in his workroom. Spare fasteners went into jars sorted by size, hanging there for the next project. Myself, I'm not so organized. I have a drawer full of stuff and I have to go searching every time.

  3. Like Peregrin said, my Father did the same thing with babyfood jars, but he also had pint and quart jars for longer or larger items. He attached the lids to a board and hung it from shelf brackets. You can then see what fastener or part you are hunting for.

  4. My dad did the same thing, and no, I'm not that organized. I do keep a lot of tiny items in one of those parts organizer shelves with a lot of clear plastic boxes.

  5. Since all of our dads did it, and none of us said we did, then if must have been an "older" generation thing.

  6. Fiberglass really is some wonderful stuff. Having built and repaired more boats than I can remember, there wasn't too much I found that you couuldn't do with it. As to the nuts and bolts, I've gathered quite a collection over the years. I've got hardware drawer boxes stacked five high that are full of stuff. My own mini hardware store!