Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Final List

I'm putting together a shopping list. This isn't my normal weekly shopping list.

Imagine that you can do one more shopping trip to the stores. Say you know there's going to be a disaster coming in the next few weeks. Few other people see it coming. Shopping conditions are normal. It's not like before a hurricane or a blizzard where everyone hits the stores at the same time. Imagine that you are the only one who knows the storm is coming.

Maybe there is such a storm, maybe there isn't. However, there are plenty of disasters that don't announce themselves. Imagine something big was going to go down. What would you buy with that last shopping trip? What would you really regret not having should the manure hit the rotary cooling device.

Today's list is for the little things needed to round out my preps. Just discovered I'm low on pasta. It's one of things I've been taking out of storage and not putting back. Still have plenty of sauce making materials, but not much to put it on. That one just sort of slipped away from me.

I'd like to freeze some butter. Prices have been going up on dairy so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some in stock anyway.

There's a pump fitting I've been meaning to get and kept putting off. Really want to have that in stock, but it never makes the normal shopping list.

Recently stocked up on AA and AAA batteries. Always good to have them in the house to keep radios and flashlights working. I've some rechargeables, but also like having a good stock of disposables.

Just picked a good gun cleaning kit. Never realized how depleted the old one had gotten until I tried to clean a 30 cal rifle -missing brushes and broken rods. A new kit was cheap enough and now I can take proper care of all my guns.

The home medical kit needs to be beefed up a bit. Things like antibiotic ointments run out quickly after a few injuries. Could use some more over the counter pain killers.

Finished off a propane cylinder for my torch, so should put another in the small rotating stock of one pound cylinders.

Just picked up a new C02 detector. For anyone burning wood, it's a must have.

A few light bulbs have recently burned out so I don't have many left in storage. Those go on the list.

You'll notice I'm doing something like buying 100 pounds of wheat, grinder, solar panels, ammo, or water filters. I've got all that basic prep stuff. There are plenty of lists out there for people who want to be prepared. If you don't have a couple months worth of food and basic supplies, it would be worth getting them.

The idea behind this "final list," is the last minute shopping run. If you don't have even basic needs covered, your list will be a lot bigger. Ask yourself what you don't have enough of and would really miss if unavailable for a couple months. TP? Diapers? Female sanitary products? Toothpaste? Food items? Tools? Good books to read when home bound? Coffee?

There's enough going down in the world that making a list and actually doing the shopping run could give a person some piece of mind. Should a disaster strike and you can't do that last minute shopping trip, don't say I didn't warn you.



  1. there will always bee something forgotten on any shopping list. but then when is the final checkout be? don't panic as you either will do without it or barter for it later on.

    ah, need a another dozen quick sealed bodybags... gotta shop now


  2. "Imagine that you can do one more shopping trip to the stores. Say you know there's going to be a disaster coming in the next few weeks. Few other people see it coming."

    Or, everyone see's it coming, but doesn't recognize it - i.e. post-election insanity 2010

  3. Heh... My "final" list is a long one...

  4. Honey may be cheaper than those ointments. Honey also has many medicinal uses.