Friday, July 29, 2011

Boat prep

The dog was pretty disgusted with me today. As soon as she saw me heading down the trail to the lake, she got all excited. She almost knocked me into the drink in her excitement to get on the boat. She ran up to the bow, then up on top of the cabin. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t take the sailboat out on the lake.

Today was a project day. I brought down my measuring tape and notebook. We are planning a trip out on Lake Champlain soon, and I’m doing some last minute projects. One of the more important ones is bug screens for the hatches. Nobody likes to get eaten alive when trying to sleep. Also wired up a small ventilation fan to keep the air moving.

The poor dog kept checking up on me: poking her head through the hatches and climbing into the cabin to see what I was doing. The dog really likes sailing and just couldn’t understand why the boat wasn’t moving. In the end, she poked her head in the cabin one last time, snorted, then hopped off the boat.

Tomorrow I’m taking the boat out on the lake for real. The dog will love me again.



  1. am partail to using salvaged computer fans for their low current draw and endurance for ventalation or a small cooling breeze....

    skitters can ruin a nice evening well..


  2. That's exactly the type of fan I'm using. Everything for this job has been salvaged from something else. Finished it and it works fine. All I have to do is drop in the board and plug in the fan in the 12V outlet.

    Just need a small screen for the bow hatch. Before I could finish it, company dropped by and we went sailing.

  3. Look into a wind scoop for that fore hatch. You will be happy to have one, in addition to screens of course.

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