Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Truck Tricks

Truck Tricks

It’s always something. I got my truck back from the garage over the weekend. The mechanic did a fine job fixing the brakes. Monday, it worked well to tow the sailboat to Lake Umbagog. Leaving the lake, the truck started a bit sluggishly. The next day it wouldn’t start at all.

After charging up the batteries, the truck fired right up. However, the alternator wasn’t generating any power. I certainly wasn’t going to take the truck back to the garage. An alternator isn’t that hard to change, and doesn’t require special tools. The local junk yard had a replacement for $45. I could afford the price of junk yard part, but not a dealership part, especially after paying for brake work.

Some people really get into working on cars. I’ve never been one of them. All I want from my vehicles is for them to work. They don’t have to impress people, confer status or look nice. Recently a lot of vehicles around here suffered hail damage. My truck might have too, but it’s too hard to tell with all the old nicks and dings. Let’s just say I don’t waste any money on car wax.

Today was a pretty decent day to be a shady tree mechanic. Beats the last time a friend and I changed the alternator. Temperatures were not too far about zero. Tools kept falling from frozen fingers into the snow. Even working alone, this job went much faster.

It is a real satisfying feeling to do a repair job, fire up the engine, and have everything work the first time.

Now all I have to do is figure out where to tow the sailboat to next.



  1. Tow it somewhere where there is water AND wind.

  2. Sixbears,hey Bro! Glad to see your still sailing.Just put brakes on the rear of one o my boys trucks,dang I hate drums.Mechanic work used to be fun,now its just a chore!Getting caught up on my reading.Take care Bro!


  3. hope you replaced the belt to. ive had too many break after puting on a new altanter or water pump.i say im handy but the family knows im just cheap.why spend 4 hours pay for what takes 1 hour to do your self

  4. Dizzy: very funny :)
    China: yep, it can be a chore. Glad I'm still sailing too!
    Anon: Mechanic just put on a new serpentine belt when he changed the vacuum pump.

  5. Glad it didn't take too much to get back on the road again!

    Some things are just minor problems and that is the best kinds!

    Happy sailing, buddy!