Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fighting the system

There are serious problems with trying to fight the system from within the system. The framework of laws and regulations were set up by the system to keep dissent in very narrowly defined channels. It’s a battlefield where the little guy has very little power.

Have you ever tried to sue a lawyer? It just can’t be done. First of all, you’d need to hire a lawyer. Now any lawyer you’d hire has more in common with the lawyer you’re trying to sue than he does with you. As a rule, they just won’t take the case.

Historically, the only way to fight the system is to break its rules and laws. The Civil Rights movement broke Jim Crow laws. Unions were illegal and their tactics were against the law, but they brought change to an industrial system that exploited the little guy.

Breaking rules gets things done. I’m all for it. Just be advised the system will react violently. When the system has no legitimacy, all it has left is force. (Is Congress, with it’s 9% approval rating legitimate?)

Then there are attacks on the system that the system never thought to outlaw, or they’d look silly trying to outlaw. There was the revolution of the dog walkers. Instead of watching state television evening news, people walk their dogs instead. They meet up with an awful lot of people walking dogs. It occurs to them that nobody believes the news and the government.

I’ve started turning my back on politicians -literally. Politicians crave attention. It’s one of the character flaws that drives them to politics in the first place. When they come by in a parade, turn your back. When they are meeting voters, refuse to shake hands and turn your back instead. It drives them crazy.

I’m not going to make a big laundry list of tactics. No sense in telegraphing my punches. My readers are creative people. I bet they can think of all kinds of new and interesting tactics on their own.



  1. I really like this post and your attitude!

    More of us should start turning our backs!

  2. Oh yeah, I can think of lotsa things...