Monday, December 12, 2011

The Redneck at the party

My lovely wife and I went to a college buddy’s Christmas party. He has a Masters in English Literature and teaches Journalism and Film Studies at an academy. Even though he’s 19 years younger than me, we hit it off when I went to college as a non-traditional student. We lost touch for a bit, but since have since reconnected. My wife and I decided to drive over to VT and catch his party.

As you can well imagine, his circle of friends runs heavily into Liberal Arts Majors. Most of the guests were seriously into theater -actors, directors -that sort of thing. Not all of the guests fit that mold. There’s always a Redneck or two in attendance.

Now I could hold a conversation with theater people, mumbling something about some director or other, dark comedy or some such rubbish, but there was a guy even more Redneck than me, so I talked to him. He had nobody else to talk to. We’ve met before, so he quickly gravitated to me and we had a nice chat about the sorry state of the new Ford diesels.

I’ve never questioned why my buddy has a few Rednecks in his circle, but I have my suspicions. Here’s one reason. After two days of attempting to assemble a kid’s swing set with his in-laws, his wife begged him to call the Redneck. The guy came over and sorted everything out. Redneck doesn’t mean dumb, just a bit unsophisticated. This guy reads blueprints for a living and directs steelworkers. He sorted out the poorly written directions and assembled the swing set. No problem. I don’t thing any of the theater crowd had the ability.

The question is, why does the Redneck go these parties? Well, my buddy and his wife are gracious hosts who put on a good feed. There’s usually a fair amount of booze available. Then there is his wife. She used to be part of the “arty” crowd with a Metrosexual boyfriend. She left all that behind to hook up with this big old Redneck and move to a house out in the mountains. They got married and had a bunch of kids together. I’ve never seen her so happy. He’s got a big grin himself.



  1. That's the kind of person or family that I want to be around!

    Give me someone that can do something with or without the written directions...and we'll all be better off!

    Sounds like the old college friend is smart enough to stay in touch with the "I can do it!" rednecks. Knowing folks like that can sure come in handy!

  2. If you want something done without the red tape, get a redneck to do it.

  3. There's no place that I'd rather be than right here, with my rednecks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer...

    I never could stand that artsy fartsy crowd. Gimme a big ol' corn fed Bubba with a 4x4 and a stack of Waylon Jennings CDs. Trucks will be fixed, structures built, fish caught, kids played with, meat BBQ'd, and targets reduced to swiss cheese. That's what life is all about!

  4. Yeah, Chevy diesels have the best transmission/power train with the Allison tranny, Dodge diesels have the Cummins engine which is leaps beyond any other offering, and Fords... have a decent body. Oh joy.
    Now if I could get an Allison transmission and a Cummins engine put in a Ford truck, that would be something!