Friday, December 16, 2011

Well, so much for the Bill of Rights

Obama is going to sign the indefinite detention bill into law.

There can’t be a whole lot left of that Bill of Rights lying around. It’s getting pretty tattered.

It’s not necessarily the end of the republic. The US has bounced back from some horrific policies in the past. During WWII Japanese Americans were rounded up and put in concentration camps for the crime of being Japanese. Of course, it wasn’t too many years ago we looked back at that time in our history with shame. Now it appears to be a role model.

I’m I overreacting? Time will tell. However, it’s just one more step on the road to Perdition.

There’s not a whole heck of a lot that I, as one person, can do. It has been made abundantly clear that none of my elected representatives care what I think. It’s not like I’m an important lobby or can use the power of money, the free speech of corporations.

All I can do is say no. This wrong. Shame on the representatives who vote for tyranny. Shame on the President for signing the bill. Shame on the minions who knock down doors at 3 a. m. to enforce unconstitutional laws.

As far as I’m concerned, I have a rights, God given rights. The Bill of Rights gave some of them a legal framework, but the rights exist independent of man made laws. Politicians can put physical chains on, but my heart and spirit are free.




  1. While I am as disturbed and appalled at the news, for some reason this post brought to mind the short teaching story "Dog and Cat"

    Dog: "I have a thousand reasons why we're not free"
    Cat: "I have one reason why we are"
    Dog: "What is that?"
    Cat: "Who asks what is that?..."

    Not at all intending to be flip, just trying to find a bit of hope somewhere is all...

  2. You're right, as one person we are virtually powerless. But in sufficient numbers (Three Percent I hear tell) we are legion. Ten percent would be outright unstoppable...

  3. Alison: there is always hope.

    Craig: those numbers are growing.

  4. If anything you may be under reacting. The Patriot Act passed and renewed, TSA abuse, gps tags on cars without warrants, drones spying on Americans without warrants, and now military arrest of civilians without due process. There is a steady progression in our loss of liberty. Senate 1867 was passed 93 to 7. 48 Democrats and 44 Republicans voted for it. That is about as a bipartisan lock step attack on the constitution as you can get. An entire generation will grow up thinking that the police state is normal.

  5. And there are some people in this country who think this is "protection" from the perceived evils they hear so much about.

  6. Jefferson said that those that trade liberty for security (protection)in the end deserve neither.