Thursday, December 22, 2011

Instant Karma

I should know better than to tease the lovely wife. This month we are having our 33rd anniversary and one would think I would have learned something after all this time.

Apparently not, or at least not enough.

It started when my wife forgot her purse at a party . . . in the next state over. Our friends found the purse and figured out how to get it to us. One of our mutual friends works in the next town over so he brought the purse to work with him and we picked it up there.

Then we go to a Christmas concert. As we are driving home, my wife remembers she left her purse under her chair. I turn the car around and we get back in time to retrieve it. Of course, like any husband, I tease her about it -perhaps a bit too much.

Soon after, I lose my wallet. We were supposed to go out and I could not find it. I search all my pockets and check every place I might have left it. It was at the point where I was searching the washing machine to see if I washed it.

Fortunately, I know a bit about how the universe works. I sit down at my office chair. My wife is in the next room through the open door. I very loudly proclaim. “I’M SORRY FOR TEASING YOU ABOUT YOUR PURSE! I’M VERY SORRY!”

Just then happen to glance over at the books on my desk. Somehow my wallet had slid down between the books. I could just barely see the side of it.

I used that wallet to take my wife to dinner. After all, I had to. The universe is on her side.



  1. I hate when things like that happen.I have learned payback is hell. At least in your case it was dinner.

  2. That was very wise of you, apologizing to your wife like that. I think the Almighty has a sense of humor himself.

    Merry Christmas Sixbears, hope you and yours have a great holiday season. Have really enjoyed reading your blog, you have a lot of horse sense!

  3. We do blow it on occasion don't we...years ago while down state, my wife left her purse at a restaurant. It was late. We left and drove over two hundred miles home...just before we pulled into our driveway she said it...I turn around and hit speeds of 110 on the way back down I-95. I had called ahead. The manager was kind enough to be standing in the parking lot waiting for us.

    She never said a word during the entire trip.

  4. That was a greate story. You see, nature (Mother Nature) is female also so you better be carefull who you tease, especially when out sailing.

  5. It's a woman thing! My wife can never find her keys. I tell her my keys are either on my dresser or in my pocket. But does it stick with her? NOOOOOO.... But I don't razz her about it. Like you said, karma...

  6. Gary: dinner was a cheap way out.

    Anon: thanks! Merry Christmas to you too.

    Stephan: You lucked out that time, in spite of having to drive far and fast.

    Dizzy: never mess with mother nature.

    Craig: Karma will bite you in the backside.

  7. I must say that I am one of those people who misplaces keys, cheater eyeglasses, and my purse on occasion. I don't get teased by my family, no. I get accused of always losing things. Accused. Like I am trying to do it on purpose. My husband will help me look, though. Like last night. I misplaced the onions. I know, that sounds weird, but I had put them out in our cool garage where they wouldn't spoil and stink up other foods in the fridge. We never did find them. Do you think someone hid them on purpose?