Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day on the big lake

My veggie van passed the “tow the sailboat test.” Worked great. The roads were pretty rough with some sections under construction, but everything pulled well.

Of course, the whole point is to get the boat on the water.

We had a great day. Not much traffic besides us two sailboats. We only encountered a handful of power boats and maybe another handful of paddle craft. Very little traffic on such a big lake.

My two 5 year old grandkids had a blast.

Our friends were at the camp at the north end of the lake, so we landed and had a visit and a swim.

The wind failed on our way back so I fired up the kicker. Hadn’t bought gas for the boat since the winter in Florida. It ran well, so those fuel additives really pay off. We made it off the lake in time to have dinner at a local restaurant.

Good fun had by all.



  1. I must be going nuts, I thought that I posted a comment earlier today but I guess I didn't. I wanted to know when you were going to convert the outboard motor to veggie oil (grin)?

    1. If my boat had a diesel, it would have been converted by now.

  2. Fun time! Been enjoying my power boat, but inside me beats the heart of a sailor : )

  3. You'll have to take a busman's holiday and raise sail on KISS.

  4. What great scenery and wonderful fun with family and friends. Nothing better.

  5. It's a beautiful place made better with good people.