Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lightning trumps fireworks

My lovely wife and I walked down to the lake to see the fireworks. A lightning storm moved in just before dark. We weren’t about to take a sailboat with a giant aluminum lightning rod in the center out on the lake.

Instead we thought to watch from shore -until the rain really started to come down. That was enough for us.

My guess is that any fireworks not set off tonight will go up on the next clear night.

In spite of that, it was still a good day.



  1. We went to a display on the small town display on the third. Lighting was coming so they moved the timing up about 20 minutes. It was still just a little light, but if they had waited, there would have been trouble. As it is we got home a little early, which was good because I worked today.

  2. Same here, lightning and thunder. Then it cleared for the hoople-heads to enjoy their show. Wise of you.

  3. Would it help to put a bolt through the hull and attach a cable from the bolt to the mast to reduce the risk of lightening damage?