Friday, January 25, 2013

Another of Dad's Projects

Thursday was spent ripping up my dad's kitchen floor. I'm not a big fan of the construction of trailers. Sure, he has a nice looking double wide that he keeps neat and well maintained. It's still a trailer -put together with staples and sawdust.

The water filter for the water filter on the refrigerator ice dispenser developed a small leak. By the time it was discovered, the fridge was already sinking into the floor.

Back in the day, when these trailers were built, using plywood instead of particle board was a $200 option that few paid for. I really wish the original owners had sprung for the good stuff.

As soon as old particle board gets wet it absorbs the water and fails. The particle board returns to the sawdust from which it was formed. Wet sawdust does not support the weight of a full sized refrigerator.

Now the fridge is sitting on a new solid sub floor. Dad has yet to decide what to use for a top floor covering. That's a project for a different day.

I knew something like this would probably happen. That's one reason I travel with my cordless Bosh bit driver. That's my favorite tool for laying down plywood. Last year, it was the floor in my dad's bedroom.

Of course, this being a trailer in Florida, it's one hurricane away from disappearing.



  1. But don't forget to go sailing will you...

  2. Stunned they use particle board for floors. I guess I can see walls.

    My aluminum palace has plywood floors.

  3. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)January 25, 2013 at 7:31 AM

    After putting down the new sub floor, how about using those blocks - one side is thin plywood and the other side is rubber - they just lock together like a jigsaw puzzle. I saw them in Home Depot and was thinking about getting them for my work room. And they are non-slip too!

    1. That's a cool idea.

      Dad has something in mind. We'll see. It's his house after all.

  4. Sometimes, I think man messed up when he left the cave. I suppose it was the growing "bathroom" that forced his hand.

    1. That's an ugly picture. :)

      . . . so that's why we left the cave.

  5. We left the cave because the women made us.