Monday, January 21, 2013

Simple repairs

I tried to start my van and the battery appeared to be too weak to turn the motor over. I traced the problem to dirty battery terminals. After cleaning them up, the van started right up. It was a small thing, but it make the difference between a vehicle that runs and one that doesn't.

Anyone who drives a car should have some knowledge of basic repair. Yes, even girl y girls should know how to change their own flat tire. Big strong mechanically minded men are not aways around.

I'm not against roadside assistance. I'm happy to have AAA and Boat US roadside assistance. (AAA won't do a thing for you if you are towing a boat.)

In a bug out situation, being able to trouble shoot minor problems can make all the difference. Imagine having to flee before a raging wildfire. Being able to keep you vehicle running could save your life.

Don't wait until an emergency. There are plenty of ways to learn this stuff. Buy some manuals, take a course, help out your mechanically inclined buddies with their repair jobs. Keep some basic tools in the vehicle.

You don't have to know how to rebuild an engine or replace a transmission. Knowing the basics, however, can save you. It can save you time and inconvenience today, but could save your life tomorrow.



  1. One little trick my mechanic taught me for nothing: If you turn the engine over and just hear a 'click', try grabbing the battery terminals with pliers and give them a twist to gain fresh contact on battery posts. That is often enough to get it started.

    Then go home and clean those puppies out properly as Sixbears said above. That has happened twice to me and both times, that trick worked.

    Back when vehicles had carbeuretuers, a can of Quick Start often helped me turn my old pickup on.

    1. That's a useful trick to know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is definetly better to fix a small problem before it becomes a large problem.

    1. Indeed. Small problems fit the budget a whole lot better.

  3. Knowing this stuff can save you a lot of green too!

  4. I keep my gas tank full and the car always pointed OUTWARD. And my cast iron skillet will go wherever I go, along with my Berkey water filter and my small tiled outdoor cooker. *smile*