Thursday, January 17, 2013

Auto safety

More people are killed by cars than guns. Something has to be done.

The problem is high capacity fuel tanks. There's no need to have more than one or two gallons of gasoline. Gasoline is dangerous and explosive. It only makes sense to limit the amount a car can carry.

Drivers with huge fuel tanks can drive too many miles. Each mile driven increases the chance of an accident taking place. Drivers become fatigued and inattentive. Small fuel tanks force drivers to take a break and reload.

Only police and military can justify having large fuel tanks.

It's a good thing there are easy and simple solutions to complicated problems.



  1. Solutions: easy, simple, cheap, quick, actually work

    Pick two. Heck, you can probably even pick three if you exclude the last option.

  2. People who drive more than 10,000 miles per year should have background checks conducted by the NHTSA and pay excess driving fee taxes. Those who fail to do so will then be subject to tracking by drones and face searches conducted by TSA personnel.


  3. Wow, that's a new take on the situation Sixbears. Not one that I go along with but it's right there outside the square...

  4. Or maybe hunters could have maybe three gallon tanks, yeah, hunters, that's the ticket.
    Nobody else should need a big gas tank though.
    And, they have to have a really small inlet spout so they can't refill quickly.
    Because refilling really fast is more dangerous for innocent bystanders.

  5. Which is why we regulate who can sell gas and how. We regulate car safety for manufacturers. We regulate who can have a license.

    And fatalities from auto accidents are down 40% over the last decade.

    So, yeah, there are simple solutions.

  6. The difference is that if the government talks about new fuel efficiency or airbag standards, AAA doesn't start screaming that the DOT is coming for all our cars. There's no run to buy up all the unsafe gas guzzlers before the Men In Black come and take them away.

  7. Not to mention that we'd better ban portable containers. After all a gallon jug of gas and a zippo can be much more lethal than any AR.

  8. To all commentor please watch what we post the stupidity of regulators and our new KIng cant be under estimated.:}Perhaps we should limit gas purchases to no more than 2 gallons a day.I like watching OBOZO on TV its like ringling brothers without elephants.

  9. Great post today, as always. Why did so many forget this last election day?

  10. That whooshing noise you just heard was my sarcasm/snark flying right over some peoples heads at a high rate of speed.