Wednesday, December 18, 2013

As luck would have it

So Tuesday morning I rolled the Sea Eagle Kayak out and started inflating it. My neighbor at the next site came running over, all excited.

“You might be the answer to my prayers,” he said.

I don't hear that too often. As luck would have it, he brought a Sea Eagle kayak but had the wrong inflater connector. Sure enough, my pump fit his kayak perfectly. More good karma in the bank for me.

My lovely wife and I had a great paddle in turquoise waters. Nothing like paddling warm waters in December, singing Christmas carols. Okay, maybe we are a bit warped. Not as warped as the big cruiser that anchored off the island last night. It was completely decorated in white icicle lights. The lighthouse paled in comparison.

Temperatures were -25 Fahrenheit back home. Seems early for that kind of cold. Friends of ours had the water to their house freeze. I know what that's like. Worse, in my opinion, is when the sewer line freezes. Been there, done that, now I'm kayaking in the Keys.



  1. I can tell that you're having a hard time trying to enjoy yourself, but do your best.

  2. Nothing like warm waters to wash away the memories of frozen sewer lines! Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon!

  3. Wouldn't mind being in your shoes...actually, I'd prefer to be in your kayak! :) Enjoy the sun.

  4. Looks mighty nice, fair skies and seas. That WAS a bit of luck on that air valve connection.

  5. You need all the carma you can get after running away from the cold and ice and leaving your neighbors, friends, and family to fight the weather up there all by them selves. Done good!! I moved south permantly.

  6. Glad your having a blast!!!! Did you have to have reservations? I am think of there or Bay a honda in febuary.

    1. I made reservations less than 2 weeks ahead of time. People cancel all the time but you have to be quick.