Friday, December 27, 2013

Of Bug Out Bags and Moats

Every now and then these sorts of articles pop up. We have Wall Street advisors recommending guns and bug out bags.

Then we have the rich putting in moats, of all things.

Now I've got nothing against being prepared. It makes sense to be able to be able to take of one's self and one's family. More is going on here than simply being prepared.

Maybe it's guilt? Those Wall Street folks have much to answer for. They've profited while most people have suffered. Maybe it's fear? Justifiable fear even?

A moat, however, brings it to another level entirely. The symbolism is telling. They will wall themselves up in their castles, raise the drawbridge, and keep the peasants with torches at bay. That's the thinking of a king. Personally, I've never had much use for kings, real or imagined.

We have a class of people who've isolated themselves from the rest of the population. They don't know how “normal” people live. Ignorance breeds fear.

The fearful build moats, armories, gated communities, and have private armies of security guards. The guilty do too.



  1. Most folks with moats won't survive long without enough normal people to take care of them.

  2. Ever see a moat on fire?
    It can happen.

  3. Everyone is welcome at my place. Whether they leave on their own power is up to them. . .