Monday, December 16, 2013

Trip to the Keys

My lovely wife and I were supposed to head down the road to the Florida Keys on Friday. My wife woke up feeling a bit under the weather. No appetite, chills, the whole bit. We postponed our departure until Saturday. We also left a bit later than planned and made a few more stops. No big deal. It took all day, but we drove the 350 mile trip without incident and checked into the campground before dark

It's been about 4 years since we last crossed the Everglades on the Tamiami Trail. Things have changed. It appears a bit more built up since last we crossed the 'glades. Some places that were closed are now open. Then there are the places that were built, failed and are now abandoned. All in a few years. No matter. What I really enjoy about the trip is all the bird life -and the possibility of seeing a panther. How many places in the country have “panther crossing:” signs?

The van's AC blew a high pressure line on our trip down from New Hampshire, so we did without. My New Hampshire friends, in the middle of sub zero Fahrenheit temperatures and a major snowstorm, most likely have little sympathy -not that I'm looking for any.

This campground classifies my van as a “tent.” We are parked in the much less expensive tenting area. What's the difference between a “tent” and a motorhome? If I had a big air conditioner unit on the roof or hanging off the back, it would have to be parked in the regular RV sites. We still have electricity. I'm running my cooler, a fan, this computer, and my cpap. Also brought my electric coffee roaster and grinder. However, my power loads are nothing compared to running a RV air conditioner. (maybe it's best they don't know all the stuff I'm running)

We'll be working our way down the keys, taking it easy. It's good to be on the move again.



  1. 'Hope you get to see one of those panthers - the are beautiful animals!

  2. We have panthers here in West Virginia, too, but the DNR won't admit it for fear they'd have to close down hunting in half the state. THAT, of course, would lessen license sales. Can't have that! Maybe you won't need that AC in the Florida "winter."

    1. I'm pretty sure there are a few in NH, but it's like you say.