Saturday, December 21, 2013

Koreshan and points north

My lovely wife and I spent only a single night at Koreshan State park. It was a good place to break up a long drive. However, there is so much more to do there. One of the cool things is the site was once settled by the Koreshan religion. They had a vision of building a “New Jerusalem” in the Florida wilds. Many of the old buildings remain. One of their tenants claimed that we lived in a hollow earth. They even did scientific experiments to prove it.

During an earlier visit, we paddled down the Estero River to Mound Key, thought to once be the capital of the Calusa Indians.

We did none of those things this time, more's the pity.

Then vacuum pump on the van was starting to go. Diesels engines don't generate vacuum so a pump has to be provided for those things that use vacuum. A big one is the brakes. I noticed the brake peddle needed more and more force to stop the van. I decided to take advantage of the light Saturday traffic and made our way back to my dad's place.

It was a bit a bummer to cut things a bit short, but it'd been a great week and we made it back safely to dad's.



  1. Safe and sound beats the wrong kind of exitement any day.

  2. Glad you took the safe route back to your Dad's place! Don't neewd that kind of excitement, right?

  3. We got back safe, so it appears to have been the right choice. Good to have dad's as a base to operate out of.