Saturday, January 25, 2014


I blew the budget at Palm Island Marina. The marina price wasn't too bad. It's the restaurant next door that proved a tad pricey. However, they had a most excellent key lime pie that put a smile on the lovely wife's face that make it worth the price. After dinner, we relaxed in the outdoor hot tub -just the thing for sore sailing muscles.

To our surprise, we didn't get up until almost 10 a. m.. After weeks of getting up before the crack of dawn it felt good to sleep in.

We didn't have far to go. Our goal was Cayo Costa State Park. Sailing was slow, but we stuck with it. There were many birds to look at.

That white line after the island is all birds.

Dolphin watching never gets old.

Eventually we landed the boat on a sandbar near the park. A cat was already there. We all introduced ourselves and before long we were sharing a few drinks. Not a bad way to end a day's sail.

This is as far as we got back in November. That's when my lovely wife broke a tooth and we had to deal with that instead of sailing. Feels good to back.



  1. have fun and keep going.tell her she is on soft food till yall get out of there.

  2. I know it's chilly there but not as chilly as it is here. Hope you are getting nice and relaxed.

  3. Here's to new horizons and adventures!

    1. Thanks Phil.

      Wish you here getting some sun.