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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Of Books and Privateers

Sometimes I wonder if I love to sail because it's a good excuse to get away and read books in peace. At the end of the day sitting at anchor, there's only so much to do. Most serious sailors are readers.

Our boat is tiny, almost to the point of being comical. In spite of that, my lovely wife and I bought 5 hardcover books from the Bradenton library for only a few dollars. We both love helping libraries get rid of their old books. Right now we are lining the cabin walls with books. It's good insulation, right?

While wandering around town, we stumbled into an all-you-can-eat fund raiser dinner put on by the Anna Maria Privateers. Good food and plenty of live entertainment. Picture a crowd made of mostly people dressed as pirates, plus a goodly number in biker gear.
They seem like our kind of people.

Have I mentioned that Florida's been pretty darn cold? Well, for Florida? Lately it's been in the 50s during the day and the 40s at night. Last night we also got tossed around a bit by 20 knot winds. We've been comfortable in the boat's cabin, but that's because it's a small space and I'm a big warm bear. We are supposed to get some days in the high 60s, so that'll feel a bit better. There are times when I think we can't get down to the Florida Keys fast enough. It's a bit warmer there.



  1. Seem like you are really enjoying yourselves! We had three inches of snow yesterday and the frigid weather will be back again this week. Send us your sunshine!

  2. I very seldom read a book, but when I do I really enjoy it and wonder why I don't read them more often.

  3. Pirates and bikers, eh? Did your momma worry about you a lot growing up, Sixbears? lol - Glad you found some entertainment.