Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday is a day of rest

Some days the best thing to do is almost nothing at all. As captain of our little ship, I declared Sunday to be an R&R day. After the pounding we took on Saturday, it was a good idea. We aren't doing this trip as some sort of an endurance test.

It was clear, but cool, temps around 60 F. Had I come straight down here from the frozen north, I'd have been running around in a T-shirt. However, my lovely wife and had acclimated to the heat, so we had jackets on all day. Go figure.

The only big discovery of the day was that the snack bar now serves a better cheeseburger at the same price as before.

One of the things we always do is check out the other boats. We are curious to see how people manage.
There's an engineer who went into semi-retirement and now keeps a sailboat in Clearwater FL. He flies down from Indiana to enjoy his boat. It's an older boat, but he says that's been half the fun.

We'll spend Monday night here, then head out on Tuesday. Winds are supposed to be favorable. The plan, such as it is, involves a stop in Clearwater Beach to stock up on fuel and food. We never did our food shopping for the trip so have been living mostly off our food storage. Well, that and the occasional really good cheeseburger.

It feels good to be on the water again.