Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No Schedule, no problem!

My lovely wife and have decided to stay one more night on Calidesi Island. The morning was wet and we could hear the sound of distant thunder.

By afternoon the rain had stopped, at least temporarily, and winds had shift to the north. North winds are good for sailors heading south. However, by then I'd decided to sit it out. What can I say? I'm on island time.

Wednesday we should be able to head out early enough to get everything we want done. If not . . . there's always the next day to finish up. That's the beauty of having no schedule.

We do plan on taking advantage of some nice sailing days later in the week, if the weather man can be trusted even the slightest. These are waters that we covered back in November, so we have a better idea what to expect. Last night my lovely wife and I had charts scattered all over the picnic table and Active Captain up on the computer. It's much easier to pick anchorages out ahead of time. Few of those are set in stone, as right now our general plan consists of heading south. That's it. That's enough.



  1. South equals warmth.
    That's why you are not back home right now.

    Happy sailing.

  2. Thats a true vacation - no matter where you are, you are never late and no pressure to move if you like the surroundings.

  3. Like the old saying matter where you go, then there ya are!

    South sounds like a plan to me!

  4. I have no love for the weather man. This morning the forecast was rain. Once it started snowing I checked again- winter advisory til 7pm. Crazy weather. Glad you guys made it through the winds alright! Much love from us!