Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cardens Bluff and restrictions on travel

Okay, the name of the place we camped at is called Carden's Bluff. Right now I feel a bit more charitable towards the campground management. Maybe that's just left over happy glow from a wonderful boat trip on the lake.

I've discovered the reason the closest bathhouse is not open is because of tree roots plugging the septic system. It's been closed since last summer. A private campground would have fixed it by now, but the Federal Campgrounds are all starved for money. We've seen this before in other places where repairs and upgrades have been put off indefinitely. The Everglades park will most likely disappear under the waves before their planned projects get funded.

We've decided to move on. Bad weather is predicted so we think we'll make our way to some sort of civilization. That will give us a chance to eat in restaurants and maybe do something like catch a movie somewhere. Looks like we'll spend a night at a Walmart or a truck stop. Monday and Tuesday nights we've time booked in a Virgina campground. After that we'll look our options over and decided what to do.

This travel season we've wandered off the beaten path from time to time. It's kinda nice to see things far away from the 95 North/South corridor. Our trip south was a straight shot south until our wheels crossed into Florida. Our northward trip is more of a twisty meander. My lovely wife got to see relatives we haven't seen in years. There is no telling what the future will bring.

When I see headlines about an “Armada” heading from Iran to Yemen to support their allies there, it makes me wonder. If Saudi Arabia and Iran go to war say goodbye to cheap fuel. A war between two oil exporters would be very disrupting. As it is just the hint of such a war is giving the stock market fits. Maybe nobody will be doing much traveling next winter.

In the mean time I'll do my best to enjoy the traveling I'm doing now.



  1. Such a war would be good for American drillers, I would think. Lord knows we need to tell the A-rabs what to do with their oil.

    1. Maybe if we were more energy independent we'd let the Middle east sort out their own problems.

  2. Getting off the beaten path is a great way to see more of the interesting places and things. Interstates are great for getting somewhere quickly but they are not usually the scenic route.

    1. We've seen some interesting things down those twisty back roads.