Friday, April 3, 2015

Table Rock Lake

Here's where we are spending the next few days. My in-laws place has a great view, doesn't it?

I took an ATV down to the lake to check out the condition of the boat ramp. The road down to the lake good, but the landing itself is pretty cramped. There might not be enough room to maneuver the trailer. However, I discovered my father-in-law's big 4x4 ATV has the same sized hitch my trailer has. It should be perfect for launching the boat.

Heavy rain is predicted so we won't launch until the weekend.

People on the coasts refer to the middle of the country as “fly over country.” The whole center of the country is some sort of wasteland, not worth visiting. They are welcome to their wrong headed arrogance. I'll be here enjoying the view.



  1. Shhhh! we don't want them to know!

  2. Ignorance helps keep out a lot of the riff-raff. lol

  3. Replies
    1. A record sized paddle fish was just snagged near here. I didn't even know what paddle fish where. I had to look it up.