Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lake launch

There's an unimproved boat launch next to my in-laws property at Table Rock Lake. It was too small and tight for the van, so we used my father-in-law's ATV to launch the boat. That worked well enough, but picking up the boat again was a different story. It took rope, chain, the ATV and my in-law's van to pull the boat back out. If I launch on the lake again I'll be taking the long and winding trip into town where there's a decent boat ramp.

In spite of that, it was a pretty good day on the water. The lake is long enough for the wind and waves to build up. The motor could just barely move the boat against the waves. We decided to head for protected coves and rivers.

We got to see our first loon since fall in New Hampshire. It was like seeing an old friend. Yes, our friends are loons -just so happens that some of those loons really are aquatic birds.

On the way back we had to pound our way back against the waves. The waves would bring us almost to a stop, then we'd bump forward a short bit at 2 knots. Rinse and repeat. Eventually we made it past the point into somewhat calmer waters. The little 12 foot boat made pretty good progress after that. The battery indicator on the electric trolling motor dropped down into the red so we turned around.

The little lake back home is still frozen solid so I'm enjoying time on the water while I can.

Next week we've some time booked at campgrounds in North Carolina and Tennessee. We making our way home, but neither quickly or directly. That lake needs a bit more time to thaw.



  1. If you go near the Smokeys Cades Cove campground cant be beat for quiet and wildlife.